Friday, June 29, 2012

Race packet picked up...

Got my race packet today.  #70. Apparently forgot my 'emergency kit' at home though. Leatherman Micra, spongy tape for blisters, lanacane, etc.. Guess I'll have to do without. Excited to get rolling! Disappointed there seems to be zero cell signal at the race course. Was hoping people could follow on Endomondo, and my family to track me on Instamapper. Doesn't look like that will work though. Going to try to take some pics along the way...

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Frankenshoes needed some repairs but are now ready for the North Fork 50 Mile Trail Race on Saturday!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Training - 06/18/12 - 06/24/12

28.95 miles on this taper week. Sooooo hard getting out of bed in the morning any more. Don't think the seasonal allergies help that so I'm popping Allegra every day now. The runs this week were mixed results, but ended on a positive note. Six days until the North Fork 50 Mile Trail Race. I've got my equipment planned out (I think), but still debating what to do fuel wise.

Monday, June 18 - 0 Miles - Rest day.

Nutrition: 1/2 cup almonds, white chocolate macadamia Clif Bar, 1 cup blueberries & cherries, grilled steelhead, grilled asparagus, grilled mini-peppers, carrots & broccoli, spinach salad, banana. Lots of water.

Tuesday, June 19 - 0 miles - Rest / taper day.

Nutrition: 1/2 cup of almonds, green smoothie, banana, grilled chicken breast, grilled mini-peppers, carrots, broccoli, onions & mushrooms, grilled asparagus, spinach salad. Lots of water.

Wednesday, June 20 - 7.81 miles, 9:44 pace,154 HR - A couple of days off helped a bit. Felt OK for the most part but it's a fine line between resting and rusting. Did a little bit of speed stuff and felt OK. I'm not feeling as good as I had hoped to be though with only 10 days until the NF50. My nutrition is on track this week but still feeling tired. Will only run every other day until the race on 06/30. H2O only today.

Nutrition: 1/2 cup almonds, peach, banana, green smoothie, grilled chicken breast, grilled mini-peppers, carrots, broccoli & onions, 1 cup fresh cherries, chick pea curry w/ brown rice and quinoa, sweet potato & beet chips. Not a good paleo day, but that's what the wife made for dinner, and I'm starving!

Thursday, June 21 - 0 miles - Rest / taper day.

Nutrition: Lots of fruit (Bananas, mango, orange, peach, berries), almonds, green smoothie, grilled steelhead w/ veggies, spinach salad.

Friday, June 22 - 7.82 miles, 9:57 pace, 160 HR - Really rough day today. Breathing was ragged and had terrible HR creep. With about 2 miles to go, my HR went way up and stayed there. Walked/jogged the last mile. Exact same route I did on Wednesday, at a slower pace and higher HR. Hoping I'm just dehydrated.

Nutrition: More of the same nutrition today as yesterday, but add on MOVIE POP & POPCORN, oh and some bison chili and a class of Cabernet.

Saturday, June 23 - 0 miles. Rest day.

Nutrition: Snacked all day on fruit and veggies (tons of broccoli) with hummus (not paleo I know). And chicken enchiladas for dinner (corn tortillas and not wheat at least) and then... blueberry cobbler. I'm weak.

Sunday, June 24 - 13.32 miles, 10:19 pace, 153 HR - My last long run before the North Fork 50 Mile next Saturday. First 4 miles was rough, but things got better after that. Really happy overall with pace and how I felt (after mile 4). Ate a 1/2 of a Clif Bar at the 30 minute mark which I think perked me up. Typically I don't do well with solid food and stay away from it for the most part. Figured it was a good day to experiment a bit - and it seemed to work. 2nd half of the Clif bar after 45 minutes and then raisins 45 after that. Hydration with Amino Vital with 24oz pre-run.

Nutrition: Sirloin steak, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, oranges, almonds, more MOVIE POP & POPCORN AGAIN, sirloin roast w/ organic BBQ sauce and gluten free bread, spinach salad.

Overall not too bad of a nutrition week. It wasn't perfect but could have been a lot worse. I stayed away from dairy and had almost no gluten, but went way overboard on corn. Like I've said before, weekends are tough for me.

Planning on two very short, easy, runs on Tuesday and Thursday this week and need to have a really good nutrition week with lots of sleep.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Training Diet

Here is my Training Nutrition Food List.  It's based on a combination of Paleo for Athletes and The Blood Type Diet (I'm type 'O').  I have it broken into categories that are 'Best foods to eat - most beneficial to me', 'Good foods to eat - beneficial to me', 'Neutral foods to eat - neither beneficial, nor harmful' and 'Post-Workout foods only'.

No wheat, rice, or any other grains.  No dairy.  No potatoes.  Nothing processed.

I have a really hard time sticking to it 100% seeing as I'm the only one in my household that is attempting to do this. My wife likes to bake - pies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc. - and she likes to cook - you name it, she makes it. She's very good at modifying recipes to substitute more healthful ingredient options (whole wheat flour for white flour as an example) or to decrease things like sugar and butter. And though she cooks and bakes with the most healthy, and typically organic, ingredients, the problem for me is that there is usually still wheat, cheese, milk, or something else I'm supposed to stay away from involved.

Cutting out dairy has probably been the easiest thing for me to give up, but, I do have a weakness for Ice Cream and a pint of Ben & Jerry's at my house is always in mortal danger.

Basically, when I follow the list I feel good and run pretty well.  When I binge and eat crap, I feel crap and run crap.  Simple as that.

Beef - Sirloin steak, Lean Flank, London Broil, Chuck
Beet / Greens
Flax / Oil
Olive Oil
Red Snapper
Sweet potato
Swiss chard

Lean veal
Pumpkin / Seed
Stripped bass
Turnips / Greens

Orange Roughy

Post Workout Only:

Congrats to my pal David!

My good friend David competed in, and finished in grand style, his first official Marathon (Ann Arbor, MI) this past weekend.  You can find his race report here on his blog.  Congratulations David!!!  Amazing job!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Training - 06/11/12 - 06/17/12

41.44 miles only this week, and starting my taper.  A really rough week with not one run where I felt good, or even half decent for that matter.  Poor eating and a huge lack of sleep, which included two all-night driving sessions, were the major contributors I suspect. Starting next week, I think I'll try to journal what I'm eating as well.

Monday, June 11 - 0 miles - Road Trip.

Tuesday, June 12 - 0 miles - Road Trip.

Wednesday, June 13 - 6.8 miles, 10:48 pace, 160 HR - Rough run after five days off and lack of sleep and good nutrition. Legs were heavy and tired, and everything just felt rusty. HR was way up there considering the effort.

Thursday, June 14 - 10.23 miles, 10:50 pace, 150 HR - Some 'OK' moments, but mostly just 'ugh'. Tried out my CamelBak Delaney DC pack for the first time - not liking it much so far, but is an option for the NF50.

Friday, June 15 - 6.25 miles, 10:55 pace, 139  HR - Nothing good today. No power, no strength, no energy, tired and fatigued. Mucked with my gear again. I think the dual bottle CamleBak is out. It's not comfortable until the bottles are half empty.  Used 24oz GU Brew and 24oz H2O. Pre-run Clif Bar (not my normal thing).  HR is back to normal it seems though.  Still not rested and my nutrition is off - as the Clif bar demonstrates. I'm kinda noticing that shortly after eating a Clif Bar, I feel kinda crap.

Saturday, June 16 - 0 miles - Rest.

Sunday, June 17 - 18.16 miles, 11:56 pace, 146 HR - My Sunday long run.  Ugh.  I treated this as more of a dress rehearsal for the North Fork 50 Mile that's in two weeks (June 30).  I mucked with my gear and fueled only with raisins and Hammer Heed.  I wore what I suspect I'll wear for the race, so I can dial in hot-spots / rubbing / chaffing.  Legs were tired and I had little stamina, especially for the first 5 miles. Things got a bit better after mile 5, but I was pretty toast by mile 12.  I walked a lot - which is good practice for my 50mi I guess.  The day followed with abysmal eating and I haven't been able to stick with my Gluten-Free, Paleo diet at all for the past couple of weeks.  I'm guessing that's why I feel so rubbish.  I need to get that dialed in and lose about 10 pounds in the next 12 days.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Training - 06/04/12 - 06/10/12

A very low mileage week - 22.62 miles - thanks to not having recovered well from last week, and also to a road trip with the family to Michigan.

Monday, June 4 - 0 miles - Rest.

Tuesday, June 5 - 5.02 miles, 11:42 pace, 137 HR - Thought I was good to go, but this turned into a recovery run/walk within the first 30 seconds. Better to err on the side of caution. Super windy, acute right arch pain, tight/sore/heavy legs. I thought the cold water bath after Sunday's long run did the trick - guess not.

Wednesday, June 6 - 0 Miles - Rest.

Thursday, June 7 - 17.60 miles, 11:50 pace, 145 HR - Trails are decimated after a long night of intense rain, hail and a tornado watch. Legs are useless as well. Felt OK after mile 4 but was ready to be done by mile 11. I finally ditched the trails at about mile 14 in order to get home as fast as possible. Thunder and lightning started at mile 16 and was glad to get home and to the garden hose. Rough, rough, rough.

Friday, June 8 - Sunday, June 10 - 0 miles - Road trip!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Training Update...

I just finished a very solid week for me, and the most miles I've ever done in a single week:  66.04 miles - and that included two marathon efforts, which is a first for me.

Even with some lower distance weeks in there, for various reasons, I still feel that everything is coming finally together.  I'm feeling strong and healthy and am enjoying getting out on the trails.  It's hard to believe that as recent as February and March I was feeling lousy and getting next to no miles in.

January 2012 - 37.97 miles
February 2012 - 3.18 miles
March 2012 - 56.46 miles
April 2012 - 144.29 miles
May 2012 - 165.49 miles
June 2012 - 36.5 miles and counting...

I'll try to start posting regular weekly updates, but let me just post the last four weeks of activity to get caught up.

Monday, May 7 - Monday, May 13

Rough week, ending with being sick.  29.22 Miles.  Well off my target of 50+ miles.

Monday, May 7 - Rest day after Sunday, May 6, long run of 18.08 miles.

Tuesday, May 8 - 10.09 miles, 9:53 pace, 160 HR - Felt great on the High Line Canal 10 mile route.

Wednesday, May 9 - 10.11 miles, 10:05 pace, 152 HR - Rough day with tired legs on the High Line Canal 10 route .

Thursday, May 10 - 8.02 miles, 11:10 pace, 154 HR - Under the weather today, at the Boneyard, feeling sick.

Friday, May 11 - 0 miles - Sick.

Saturday, May 12 - 0 Miles - Sick.

Sunday, May 13 - 0 miles - Supposed to be long run day, but still sick, plus it's Mother's Day.

Monday, May 14 -Monday, May 20

Better week mileage wise with 51.53 miles.

Monday, May 14 - Sick.

Tuesday, May 15 - 7.02 miles, 10:30 pace, 158 HR - Legs enjoyed the rest, but I'm still not 100% over being sick.

Wednesday, May 16 - 7.71 miles, 8:51 pace, 164 HR - Very good day on the High Line Canal 7 route despite not being 100% still.  Second day after a long layoff helped the legs.  Sub 9:00 pace on this route, for me, is big.

Thursday, May 17 - 8.03 miles, 10:30 pace, ??? HR - No HR monitor today.  Ran the Boneyard with Boyack, legs were tired, but a decent day.

Friday, May 18 - 7.08 miles, 10:20 pace, 157 HR - Early morning run at The Bluffs.  I'm tired and sore and still not 100%.

Saturday, May 19 - 0 Miles - Rest day.

Sunday, May 20 - 21.69 miles, 12:20 pace, 144 HR - Terrible, terrible, terrible.  One of my worst long runs ever.  It was cold, damp, dark, windy, & muddy after a Saturday of heavy rains. I knew right away it wasn't going to be a good day as my breathing was bad, and my legs were sore, tired, and like lead.  I should have binned the run after 7 miles, but stupidly trudged on.  Was just walking by the end of it.  Here is the Garmin Connect result.

Monday, May 21 - Sunday, May 27

Very low mileage week - 16.43 miles.

Monday, May 21 - 0 miles - Rest day after long run Sunday.

Tuesday, May 22 - 0 miles - Vacation day from work for family time.

Wednesday, May 23 - 0 miles - Vacation day from work for family time.

Thursday, May 24 - 6.21 mi, 9:52 pace, 161 HR - High Line Canal.  First 4mi were rough but had a strong finish.  Just a typical day with too many days off previous.

Friday, May 25 - 7.14 miles, 9:55 pace, 157 HR - First mile was rough, but a great day at the Boneyard with Chris.  Felt strong on the hills, breathing was solid, and breaking 10:00 pace at the Boneyard for me is big.  All the rest has helped!  My legs feel strong, stiff (good), and springy!

Saturday, May 26 - 0 miles - Rest day but did get a nature hike in the Back Country in with the girls.

Sunday, May 27 - 3.08 miles, 10:02 pace, 150 HR - Just getting a few miles in before the 26.2 Monday (normally Sunday) long run.  Playing with pace, technique, breathing, etc..

Monday, May 28 - Sunday, June 3

My best week ever - 66.04 miles.

Monday, May 28 - 26.36 miles, 11:09 pace, 149 HR - I started the week by getting in my long run on Memorial Day Monday.  It was my usual Douglas County East-West Trail, Highlands Ranch Back Country and The Bluffs long route.  It was cold, windy, and very dark with no moon and no clouds.  Usually, running in the dark with only my trusty headlamp is no problem, but I did find it disorienting at times with it being so dark.  My first 5 miles were pretty rough only managing a 12:00 pace.  I think jumping out of bed at 2:45am, on little sleep, and just hitting it is the root cause of that.  Got into a good groove after mile 5 though and am super happy with the sub 5-hour finish - a new PR for me by over 18 minutes.  I tried fueling (GU/Roctane) every 45 minutes instead of the usual 1/2 hour routine and it worked well, and today I used Amino Vital for hydration.  Here is the Garmin Connect result.

Tuesday, May 29 - A 3.18 mile recovery walk (not included in the 66 total).  That really helped to loosen up the legs and they are feeling pretty good.  DOMS is really low.

Wednesday, May 30 - 3.18 miles, 12:28 pace, 146 HR - Recovery 'run' - DOMS is in full effect and I'm knackered!

Thursday, May 31- Rest!  My body just needed the day off.

Friday, June 1 - 10.18 miles, 9:40 pace, 155 HR - Feeling good.  Was a strange day though, as it felt like time was moving super slowly, and that I was running forever.

Saturday, June 2 - Rest before Sunday's long run, though the family did do a little hike at Devil's Head.  Didn't make it all the way to the top though thanks to some bad weather rolling in, and some tired little legs too, but a hike we'll definitely do again.

Sunday, June 3 - 26.32 miles, 10:58 pace, 150 HR.  Near perfect conditions and little mud after the rain storms we got Saturday afternoon. I was actually too hot in shorts and a light long sleeve shirt.  I had a lot of G.I distress through the first 8 miles, and then intermittently after that. I'm not sure if it was the HEED I was drinking or something else. I felt pretty good right from the start but did have waves of tiredness at mile 8 and 14. The legs were OK, I just got really sleepy - like I wanted to lay down and go to sleep on the trail sleepy. Legs were good until they finally got tired at 21 miles. The last mile was rough, and I was ready to be done, but still an improvement over Monday's run.  And, I didn't mean to PR again (by over 4 minutes), but I'll take it.  Fueling:  20oz HEED before, 70oz during. GU/Roctane every 45 minutes until switching to raisins at the 3 hour mark.  I can really feel my fitness improving and my legs adapting now.  I'm feeling very positive about how things are going.  Here is the Garmin Connect result.