Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bear Chase 50 Mile Trail Race - Fail...

Epic fail at The Bear Chase 50 Mile Trail Race, for the one reason that I would not have ever suspected would be the cause - my feet. The New Balance MT1010's really let me down today. First two laps (25 miles) in 4:15. 3rd lap - 8:35 elapsed - missing the cutoff for starting the final lap by just under 5 minutes. I wouldn't have made it the 37.5 miles that I did without the support of my awesome wife and my 'baby' girls (who will always be my babies). And, the support of a great friend that would give you the shoes off his feet (literally) - Chris Boyack.  Race report to follow...

Update: In hindsight, the MT1010's didn't let me down - I let myself down.  Can't blame the shoes.


  1. So sorry you missed the cutoff, and just by five minutes. I had to drop to the 50k due to IT Band issues for the last few months. The cutoffs were very stressful and last year for the 50 I made it through by about 5 minutes. There is always next year

    1. Thanks Becka. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger - just having a hard time convincing myself of that right now...